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Antiques are Keen in 2018

 The 36th Annual Walnut AMVETs Antique Show will continue the tradition.  More than 340 dealers from across the United States will set up their booths, restocking daily with newly displayed items.  If you haven't attended the Walnut AMVETs Antique Show, you will discover that this is the show to "find it and buy it."

Walnut's turn-of-the-century buildings, brick and tree-lined streets, country hospitality and existing malls and shops are the perfect setting for the show.

Next year's Show is:  14-16 June 2019


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 The Latest News:

Monday, May 21st, 2018:  All is going well preparing for the show on Father's Day weekend. We just received word that iLiving Travel Scooters will be again this year and will have a few rental scooters available. To reserve one ahead of time to ensure you get one, call them at 385-393-GOGO or website www.ilivingtravelscooters.comfor more information.



Monday Morning, Jan16th, 2018:  Preparations are underway for the 36th Annual Walnut Antique Show. Most contracts are sent to our best antique vendors. We are looking forward to making this year's show the best yet. Our town's school has closed,but we are developing it into a community center. Last year we opened the second gymnasium up to 20 new dealers and it was a great success. This year we will have the whole community center air conditioned. This means we now have four halls with 55 dealers in air conditioned comfort. Of course we still have 15 blocks of dealers outside on the streets.




Last Year:

Friday Morning, June 16th, 2017:  Yesterday was a busy day for Walnut.  Much of the preparation for the Best Antique Show in the mid west was completed including many food stands. The AMVETs placed all of the dealers and vendors.  The weather was warm but clear of storms and rain. About 9 PM a small cell came through but was more noise than rain and rinsed everything off a little.

The weather forecast looks very good for the weekend show. We expect a big crowd for all three days. Our fire department crew is ready to help park everyone. They are also ready to serve a great breakfast at the Fire Station downtown from 6 - 10 AM.  Many of our local kids are ready to sell bottled water through-out the show, so no one should go thirsty.

So come on over to Walnut for a day or two. Be sure to check out all of our indoor halls. We have the Legion Hall and AMVET Hall downtown and the old Gym and the new Gym at the school building in the center of town. There are two front entrance doors into the school building now.    See you at the show!!!

Saturday, June 10th, 2017:  Less than a week to go til antique show mania. The folks of Walnut are busy getting ready for the exhibitors and shoppers from near and far. Services have been ordered, food is being prepared, streets are being marked, the best items are being packed all over the country for transport to Walnut and countless other actions are being performed. In the past, we have been trying to get someone to come and offer handicap scooters for rent. We finally have a company willing to come with a few scooters to check out the demand. They will be located on the corner across from the school building. If you want to reserve one of these scooters, call 385-393-GOGO.   Other great news is the fire department has acquired a shuttle vehicle to bring folks from the north side parking areas down to the fire station so you can have a great breakfast before shopping til you drop. They will start this service at 6 AM each morning. Stay tuned for more info.

Monday, Memorial Day:  Please honor our Veterans who have gone on before. It is a beautiful day here in Walnut. Local organizations are busy preparing Walnut for the onslaught of dealers and customers who invade our picturesque little town to attend one of the greatest Antique Shows in America. We need to mention a new  lodging opportunity in nearby Avoca, IA. Jamie Hines and her husband have recently opened The Avoca Retreat. It is a large Victorian house that has 4 separate rooms that can be rented out to some of you lucky show attendees. Check their website:

Saturday, May 6th, 2017:      The new gymnasium in the school building is measured, the table layout is complete and the new tables are ordered. The Walnut Antique Show will have 16 new inside dealers. The former school building will become the Walnut Community Center/Event Center and the Walnut Antique Show will now have 4 inside halls filled with dealers. Walnut's downtown is being revitalized with a facade restoration and should be completed before the show. So don't miss these inside dealers when you visit the show on Fathers Day weekend.

Monday, December 26, 2016:     We are gearing up for another great Walnut Antique Show on Father's Day Weekend in June. The big change this year is the addition of more inside space in the school. Our school has closed and the school board is busy making improvements before the city will take possession for further development.  We have permission to fill both gymnasiums in the school with dealers. We will have room for as many as 25 new inside dealers.  There should be an inside food stand in operation also. Our hope is that it will be possible to air condition both gymnasiums before the show. that process is underway. It's too early to tell if it will be accomplished by June. Regardless, we plan to fill the 2nd gymnasium with dealers. Dealers are encouraged to contact us by email or phone to apply for a space.




Monday Night, June 20, 2016:  The town of Walnut is cleaned up and all is back to our normal routine. The many who worked and made the show a success can take a breather. A few tasks are yet to be performed but most of the hard work is complete. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the dozens of volunteers and workers who took the time to man the food stands, security, info booth, trash pickup and especially the block captains that helped the AMVETs assist all the dealers to provide the great show that is The Walnut Antique Show. We hope you were able to come even for short time and wish all a great year. Until next year, all the best. AMVETs.

 Sunday Night, June 19, 2016:  Well. Another show is in the books. This one was tough on the dealers. The heat was brutal at times. The shoppers came all three days but stayed a shorter time due to the heat. No rain fell for the entire show. The crowd was down slightly, but the serious shoppers came, but for a shorter time. The AMVETs will store all the equipment, pick up all the trash and pay all the bills to finalize the process. Hope to see you all again next year.

 Saturday Morning, 6:30 Am, June 18, 2016:  WOW!! What a difference a day makes.  The heat has taken a break today. No rain is expected. The fire department is ready to serve you a good breakfast. They are also ready to guide you into one of our free parking lots so you can have a great day of shopping at the Walnut Antique Show. Exit 46, I-80. The show is full of great dealers from many states with some great antiques and collectables. Stop by our information booth in front of the AMVET Hall downtown and check out those great T-Shirts we have now.

 Tips for surviving the shopping experience: Wear comfortable walking shoes. Use sunscreen. Hydrate early and often. (We have 5 groups of youngsters  who will be selling bottled water throughout the show.) Take breaks in the shade.

 Friday Night, 9 PM, June 17,2016:  Boy, it was a hot one today. We still had a determined crowd of shoppers. They came early and most left town a few hours early due to the hot temps in the mid 90's. The nice thing about a 3-day show is that tomorrow may be a better day. The forecast for Saturday is high 80's which will be a great improvement. Looks like Saturday will be a great day to attend the show. Many of us had a great Spaghetti dinner at the Hay-Stackers restaurant tonight and plan to eat there again tomorrow night.

 Friday Morning, 5:30 AM, June 17, 2016:  Boy it was a struggle for the Citizens of Walnut, but we did it. We braved the heat and setup for the show yesterday. Most of the dealers are in their spaces ready to put out their wares for viewing today. Some dealers opt to come in early today and are very busy setting up as I type this. The forecast is for mid 90's today, about 90 on Saturday and very hot on Sunday. Hope they are wrong on the temps or the clouds will show up.  At least there is almost no chance of rain for the whole weekend.

 Tuesday, June 14, 2016:  As you might have noticed, the catholic church is not doing the spaghetti supper on Friday night anymore. So Haystackers Restaurant downtown is going to fill the void with a Spaghetti supper at the restaurant on the first block of Antique City Drive (or as the locals call it, Main St).  This will be on Friday and Saturday night from 4 - 7 PM. 

 Monday, June 13, 2016:  According to the forecasters, it looks like good weather is on tap for the show. In the past, we have experienced periods of rain that interferes with parking, not so, this year. All of our parking areas are high and dry. The folks at Emma Jeans Restaurant have informed us that they will provide a shuttle service from their parking lot, bringing you through all the traffic right downtown. If you don't want to walk a few blocks from the parking areas to the show, this could be a good option.

 Friday, June 3, 2016:  Plans are finalized now for the show. the whole town is gearing up. Most of the vendor spaces are full, but we have a few cancellations for various reasons (we always do). So if you have wanted to be a vendor at the show and you have antiques and/or older collectables, we may have room for you. Gives us a call at 712-784-3710 or email us to check it out. Email is:

 Thursday, May 26, 2016:  Just ordered a bunch of new T-Shirts for all you Walnut Antique Show fans. You can check them out here.  We think we picked some great colors. All colors are at least 50% cotton, with some colors 90% cotton.  If you order ahead, we can probably guarantee you will get the colors and sizes you want.

 Latest on the school building:  The city has agreed to take possession of the school building sometime in the next year. We may even be able to open up a whole new area of inside dealers in 2017. Keep your fingers crossed.

 Monday, May 2nd, 2016:  We are working hard on preparing for this year's show.

 T-Shirts:   Look for our new Walnut Antique Show T-Shirts. We designed and ordered a few for last year and they were a big hit. Look for a new page on this sight soon to be developed so you can order your shirt(s) ahead and pick them up at the show.

 Walnut School Closing:  As you know, if you have attended in the past, the Walnut School building is a big part of the show. Even though the school be closing this year, efforts are being made to secure the building for future use. The school building will be open for shopping again this year. The American Legion building and the AMVET Hall downtown will also have vendors so you can shop inside.

 New Indoor space: The AMVET Auxiliary will NOT be providing their scalloped potatoes and ham this year. The AMVET Hall will instead be occupied by 4 new dealers filling 14 tables with some great antiques and collectables. We were careful to find dealers with the best stuff. The hall is air conditioned as a bonus. The AMVET Hall is located right behind the AMVET Funnel Cake Stand and our new Information Booth.

  Another addition is our new Information Booth which was a hit.  You can get information and report lost items here.

 Don't forget to get to Walnut early and start the day with a great breakfast at the Walnut Vol. Fire Dept.    Good shopping!

 A change that we made last year and will continue with minor but important differences will be implemented again this year. That change is allowing our vendors to park and set up their canopies on Thursday night. No unloading of goods will be allowed.  Everyone must understand that the AMVETS and the city of Walnut will not allow any transactions to be conducted on Thursday.  Strict rules have been written and harsh penalties will be imposed for infractions. So if you are expecting to get a jump on the shopping on Thursday, it will only be in the shops downtown and not from the show's vendors.

 See you at the show. 

Tim working the forge.

 One of Walnut's new attractions is Tim Brennan's Ornamental Iron. Tim has recreated an authentic 1800's blacksmith shop. He operates the forge during the show and talks to onlookers as he heats and shapes iron the old fashion way. This would be a great attraction to see while at the Walnut Antique Show.  Located at the south end of the downtown area.


 May 6, 2015:  The town of Walnut and the AMVETS Post 45 are preparing to conduct the 33rd Annual Walnut Antique Show about 6 weeks from now. The show looks to be another great opportunity for antiques and collectables enthusiasts to travel to Iowa's "Antique City", Walnut, Iowa.




When you come to Walnut bring your appetite.  The community organizations get involved by providing a variety of food for the growing crowds.  Walnut's firemen have breakfast perfected and will feed hundreds at the Walnut Fire Station on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.   Church groups will be doing their part with everything from hamburgers and hot dogs to roast pork sandwiches, from brats to maid-rites.

Walnut has two great restaurants and the area's best bakery downtown now and convenience stores just off the Interstate 80 exit offer many items for the hungry antique-hunter also.  

Walnut's AMVETs will offer grilled smoked pork loin sandwiches and funnel cakes.   With food stands located throughout the show area, you will undoubtedly find something you'll enjoy.

Food Stands

  Open Times Location Types of food
Atlantic Kiwanis Food Stand During Show Atlantic Street Pork loin and drinks
Walnut AMVETS Snack Stand During Show Main St Funnels Cakes and drinks
Peace Church During Show Main St, North of school Roast beef sandwiches, brats, hotdogs, pie, drinks
Presbyterian Church During Show Main St, South of school Barbeque pork sandwiches, pie, ice cream
Lutheran Church During Show Main St, North of school Grilled Brats, Burgers & Chicken, Pie
Walnut Fire Department Fri, Sat Sun, 6AM-11AM South end of Atlantic St on Hwy 83 Breakfast, eggs, pancakes, sausage
American Legion Auxiliary During Show Inside Legion Hall, downtown Cold sandwiches, pie, ice cream
Optimists During Show Highland St, East of Main St Burgers & sandwiches
Student Groups Snack stand During Show Inside School snacks, drinks
Restaurants and Shops Open Location Types of food
Hay Stackers during the show Downtown, Main St West side Lunch Menu
Robert's Bakery 6 AM - 6 PM Downtown, Main St, West side Baked goods, Lunch

Glenn's Pub

9 AM - 10 PM Downtown, Main St, West Side Lunch, Bar
McDonalds 6 AM - 10 PM Exit 46, I-80, North side Fast food
Emma Jeans Restaurant 7 AM - 10 PM Exit 46, I-80, North side Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 Buffet dining room,      Sports  Bar,   Pizza

Kum & Go


6AM - 10 PM Exit 46, I-80, South side Deli sandwiches, pizza, snacks