Great Places We have seen from the Air



Here are a few pictures of some great sights we have seen from our "Freedom Machine" named "Moody Blue".




Grand Canyon 2006                               Hoover Dam 2006

        Monument Valley, Utah 2006                  Pacific Coast, Northern California 2006


Crater Lake in Oregon 2006                      Mount St Helens Volcano 2004


Lake Tahoe near Reno 2009                      Lake Powell in Utah 2006


Bahama Islands 2007                                Sedona, AZ area 2009


Flying with other Planes                            Grand Turk Island 2007


Florida Keys 2009                                     Cuba 2009


Mount Rushmore 2009                                Mackanac Island, Michigan 2005


Niagra Falls 2005                                      Statue of Liberty 2005


Oshkosh Airshow from 6500 feet 2007       Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp Tornado 2007