Moody Blue

Welcome to our travel site. I've been wanting to put a website together for many years now. Here it is finally. It is a work in progress, so come back and visit occasionally for new additions to the travel stories.

During our "building" years, I was motivated by other travel story websites like Rosie and Victoria's. Few have been able to top their travels. Now there are many sites to explore travels with these great little RV airplanes. Building these airplanes has become easier also. It is still a very challenging task to build an airplane, but a lot easier than when the early builders completed their planes. The number of very good websites that chronicle the building process are many. Believe me, I did not reinvent the wheel when I built "Moody Blue". Almost all of the equipment and techniques used were used or done by others before me.

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Future Adventures

Our adventures are far from over. We have many places yet to visit and some we haven't even thought of yet. Some of the places yet to visit are:  Alaska, , Many National Parks, etc.

Latest plans:

Gene will surely attend Airventure (Oshkosh) again for the 11th time flying in. (10th in the RV)

We are hoping to visit the great western half of the country again in September. Many options are possible. Maybe trekking through Montana to Washington or Idaho then on to San Jose to see Bryan and Sherri and then on to Rosamond to spend time with all our best RV friends and then on to Phoenix to see Jim and Janet's new house.

Next winter, we may be travelling to Phoenix to escape the cold Iowa snow country to visit Jim and Janet again in their new house.