Side Trips

  California to Visit Bryan and Sherri

     So it was winter in Iowa (Feb 09). Now, Iowa has it's advantages, but a long, cold winter is not one of them. The economy had me working short weeks and Bryan invited Janet and I to visit. Janet says, "I can't afford to be gone right now." and gives me permission to go and play with my friends. I jumped on the flight planner and crunched the fuel cost numbers and come up with too large of a number to justify flying Moody Blue out to CA.  (Bryan, get me some of those cheap tickets.) (Bryan is retired from United and can get me stand-by buddy tickets.)

    I would be flying in the big aluminum tube for the first time since before Moody Blue was built. My daughter dropped me off at the Omaha airport and I caught stand-by flights to Denver and then on to San Jose, CA. The "anal exam" at the security station wasn't too bad, but still irritating. (You can't tell me that Bin laden didn't win, as our freedoms have eroded just as he wanted.) I vow to always use Moody Blue for my transportation needs if at all possible, from now on.

Golden Gate Bridge from the air


     The weather had been great in CA for weeks and the weather for my flight was good, but wouldn't you know, as soon as I show up in CA, it rains for days. Bryan and I planned to do some flying to see the sights around the San Francisco area and maybe visit friends like Rosie and the gang down in SoCal land. Alas, a trip south was not to be. (Flights to play sometimes don't happen like flights to get somewhere do.) I played the land-bound tourist bit until Saturday afternoon. I took Bryan's extra car and drove over the Golden Gate Bridge and took the ferry over to Alcatraz for the tour while Bryan worked. Bryan was off the next day, so we sampled the Clam Chowder at Monterey's fisherman's wharf until we found the best and then had lunch. It rained all day. All this was "scouting" for a future trip with Janet, you know. On Saturday, there was low scud in the area, so Bryan and I drove over to the Redwoods and walked a few miles through the biggest trees I had ever seen. It reminded me of "humping a ruck" during my infantry days. The weather improved during the day, so before going home, we stopped at KRHV and took the "Flag" for a stroll (flight) over past Half Moon Bay and over the Golden Gate Bridge and around the bay area. Ahhh! Finally, I got my flying fix.

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