Building the Airframe


Wings On for Fitting

Interior  (made by DJ Loretson at Cleavland Tools)

Note: I didn't have a digital camera during most of the building process, so pics are limited

Links to suppliers websites:

Aircraft Spruce

Trio Autopilots

Electro Air Ignitions

Desser Tire

Vans Aircraft

Tail (empennage) pieces fit

Stick Mechanism

Bell crank in Wing      (picture taken from under the wing)

  A Vans Aircraft Kit is sold in 4 kits: Empennage, Wings, Fuselage, and Finish Kits.

The empennage consists of the Vertical and Horizontal stabilizers, elevators and rudder.

The Wings consist of the wings, ailerons, flaps and wing tips.

The fuselage consists of the main Fuselage, the seats and firewall.

The finish Kit consists of the canopy, landing gear and wheels, engine mount and some miscellaneous items.

Items not included in the kit are: paint, instruments, interior, engine, propeller and special items like electric trim, electric flaps and lights.